Manhole covers & drains

Manhole covers & drains

We’ll drain your problems away

Are you looking for the perfect drainage solution for your home, business or general public areas? Then Brightwave Water Pumps is the team for the job. We are manhole cover manufacturers. Whether it’s a rural or urban area, our team is fully equipped to deal with drainage issues and ensure you have a leak-proof drainage system. From manhole covers to drain covers – we will make drainage as stress-free as possible for you. Why use us? We install quickly and deliver in fast time, saving you time and money.

We have manhole covers for sale that are SABS specified. This means you are provided with a top quality drain hole cover which will guarantee safety and ensure your drainage system works well. We also stock a double sealed manhole cover and floor drain cover. Give us a call now and we’ll advise you on a manhole cover and frame or a sewer manhole cover. We strive to become a leading manhole cover supplier servicing the Gauteng region.

Our drainage systems work best on flat roof, parking, bays, paved areas and walkways. For all your manhole covers and drain requirements, call us now on 012-771-2967.


Manholes are usually outfitted with metal, polypropylene, or fibreglass steps installed on the inner side of the wall to allow easy descent into the utility space. Because of legislation restricting acceptable manual handling weights, Europe has seen a move toward lighter weight composite manhole cover materials, which also have the benefits of greater slip resistance and electrical insulating properties.

Manholes are generally found in urban areas, in streets and occasionally under sidewalks. In rural and undeveloped areas, services such as telephone and electricity are usually carried on utility poles or even pylons rather than underground.


The complete range of manhole covers and frames specified under SABS 558 as well as the stormwater gratings and frames specified under SABS 1115 complemented by our Municipal Casting range with unmatched qualities of ductile iron.


Full-Flow rainwater drainage systems

Full-Flow roof & floor outlets, rainwater drainage systems that are engineered for flat roof, parking, bays, paved areas and walkways to ensure a leak proof drainage system.